NSF DEB-1119098: Phylogeny, biogeography, and diversification in Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae)

This project involves field- and collections-based integrative studies of the systematics and biogeography of the large angiosperm genus Pedicularis L. (Orobanchaceae; louseworts), emphasizing the tempo and mode of lineage diversification in relation to evolutionary and ecological processes. It will produce the first global-scale molecular phylogeny of the genus, with comprehensive sampling of all proposed sections (33 taxa), and over half of all species (450 out of 770). This will inform infrageneric classification, reconstructions of biogeographic history, and reciprocal relationships between character evolution (especially of floral traits), community patterns of co-occurrence, and rates of cladogenesis.

Novel aspects:

  • phylogeny reconstruction at deep and shallow scales using both standard and next-generation sequencing (RADseq)
  • detection and phylogenetic localization of introgression among species using RADseq-derived SNPs and modified D-statistic tests
  • studies of range-dependent diversification using GeoSSE (Goldberg, Lancaster, & Ree 2011, Systematic Biology)