Source trees for phylogenetic synthesis

Molecular systematic studies continue to yield new knowledge about the tree of life. How do we synthesize these results and produce maximally comprehensive and accurate trees? Phylografter is a content management system for gathering and organizing the necessary information, and making it publicly available.

Phylografter provides a database for archiving source trees, i.e., trees derived from published studies, stored node-by-node, with associated data (publication info, aligned sequences, Genbank ids, gene and genome info, support values, age estimates, etc.). Nodes (both OTUs and internal clades) are cross-referenced across trees by taxon.

The database currently contains 2736 studies and 6386 source trees, representing 418833 OTUs and 168739 distinct terminal taxa. Hey, it's a start.

Phylografter is a component of the Open Tree of Life project.